My name is João Pacheco and I'm an alien from a planet called Portugal. When I'm not fighting the cosmic powder around my galaxy, I work as a Digital Designer.

In the past few years my focus has always been digital. I’ve been moving myself from advertising/marketing to a product oriented path, having always worked in roles between UI and Visual design fields. During this period I’ve been also crafting some brands and producing some Photography & Video

And here’s a little bit more about myself:

I have a twin sister

I worked as a lifeguard

I’m dating this beautiful lady since 2006

I moved to Dubai in January 2014

My mom says I take good photos

Sometimes I wear a hat

Things that  I love





What I've been doing

Check it on Behance

I'm taking photos and giving them for free

Since I moved to Dubai I started,  a project where I keep track of my experiences giving one and every photo for free to encourage and inspire people to travel and to move.

I also have one of those boring CVs

Feel free to download it here.

Let's talk!

mail at

Having troubles pronouncing my name?
This is how you do it

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